Fonts on Linux can sometimes be a bit confusing to work with. Here you can find some commands to help you.

finding installed fonts

List all installed fonts


using installed fonts

This way you can chewck if the font is installed. And how to reference it in your config files For example the following shows fira fonts which support powerline icons.

fc-list |grep -i fira |grep -i power
/usr/share/fonts/OTF/FuraMono-Medium Powerline.otf: Fira Mono for Powerline:style=Medium
/usr/share/fonts/OTF/FuraMono-Regular Powerline.otf: Fira Mono for Powerline:style=Regular
/usr/share/fonts/OTF/FuraMono-Bold Powerline.otf: Fira Mono for Powerline:style=Bold

This can be useful for configuring your terminal. Take a look at this ~/.Xresources example. Here I'm setting my fonts for urxvt

! Fonts
URxvt*font:xft:Ubuntu Mono:pixelsize=18,xft:Fira Mono for Powerline:antialias:true:hinting:true